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Museo Bellas Artes de Valencia


The Joaquín Sorolla research and study institute is an initiative of the Regional Government of Valencia. It reflects the public interest in the culture of period of Joaquín Sorolla and is underpinned by scientific analysis and research, apart from the dissemination and publication of studies and activities.



The Museum of Fine Arts of Valencia has among its collections 42 works by Joaquín Sorolla, nationally and internationally famous Valencian artist. His magnificents paintings stands now at a new exhibition space planned for a suitable contemplation of the work of the eminent painter; there has been a reorganization and a regrouping of the collection, that allows a unique tour of Sorolla's artistic life, from his beginnings as granted in Rome until his latest creations.


To remark the public opening of the new Sorolla Room in the Fine Arts Museum in Valencia, we invite you to learn details about the life history, style and the most significant features of the works of the Valencian painter, through visits tours.


Sorolla y Clotilde


Born on February 27, 1863 in Valencia, the city in which he would begin his artistic career, first in the School of Arts and Crafts and, later, enrolling at the School of Fine Arts of San Carlos at the age of fifteen. Following his participation in the Regional Exhibition of Valencia in 1879, he travelled to Madrid where he presented three marinas at the National Exhibition of Fine Arts